eMerAdmin was born one sunny afternoon in 2008 in Kathmandu when the founder, Rae-Anna Hedlin, decided to combine her years of experience in a variety of small offices into a comprehensive service for petite-budget organizations.

We launched in the beginning of 2014, where eMerAdmin now works with local clients in Saskatoon, Canada, and remotely with international clients. In 2018, eMerAdmin will be based out of Osaka, Japan.

eMerAdmin’s admin development serves to develop a strong administrative foundation that allows the organization to move towards its goals and vision in confidence and sustainability.

eMerAdmin complements an existing administrative staff, and/or provides administrative footwork to cast vision.

Interested in joining the team? Contact us to learn more about the contract positions that are available in the areas of marketing, web design, graphic design, fundraising, accounting, year-end accounting, and administration.

Rae-Anna Hedlin